- through Traceability


The EC Regulation No. 178/2002 sets out that upon its coming into force on 28 January 2002, products have to be traceable to its original producers.

For us, it goes without saying that our products can be seamlessly traced from the moment of harvest until they are on display on the shelves of a retailer. Starting from an exact data collection about our delivering farms, the growth of the fruits is accompanied throughout the entire vegetation process. The crop cultivation methods used in this context are documented. When the farmers deliver their produce, in addition to the quality control checks the produce is provided with a batch number. This number will always provide positive information about the origins of the produce at all stages of storage, selection, packaging and turnover processes. Additionally, all final packagings contain a specific lot identification which allows for further conclusions to be drawn about the date of packaging, the type of packaging and the respective employees involved.